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Featuring Heather, Azlan and Arielle and including sacred dance and movement.

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From 10 — 6, lunch included. Tickets available at: www.

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Join us for any or all of these! This extraordinary healing spa and hot springs has been rated among the top 10 in the world. Here we will gather for ceremony outdoors or indoors depending on weather to complete the year bridge that was opened on on The Harmonic Convergence. You are invited to the full program overnight or to either of the day-programs. The actual Solstice occurs at 4 am local time on the 21 st.

October 2019 Astrology Forecast: Mercury Spookygrade

The following morning we will gather for dream sharing, ceremony, soaking, drumming and food. This is a time to till and plant our inner gardens with care. May the fire to earth—alchemy of Christmas this year—bring magnificent and magical christ-blessed holy manifestations at Summer Solstice—the fruition time for all—for our SUN. This last year was hard, even on the elves! However as in all spiritual teachings, there is often a deep dark before there can then be a high light.

GIFTS for you, for your year ahead. If I have given you a reading in the last few years—I have your birth-data—and will be preparing a map for you! This is a mysterious and creative time for all. May we honor the cave—creative-time-within that prepares us for our smooth enlivened loved year ahead. Author is Without much internet, staying at a secret hidden temporary location—in Santa Fe.

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I remember a long long time ago, I kept hearing, move north, move north. So We are now moving north. With the wolf pack—we go where there are offers, and it appears it may be a transition that can be welcoming and easeful. Joined together, we do amazing things, for animals, for people, for our planet.

We can build the world we all imagine and love. We have work in the crossing places, to connect, make clear intention, in service to divine clarity in response at the most powerful creation times on earth. This work of creation requires our heart-felt focus. What does the map in our heart tell us about the year ahead?

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As the energy comes to the bottom point, the cosmos is a hole in its own fertile soil of next year. Any thought is automatically entered into the ground of our future. May we be conscious and sacred about each invisible voice. What is in your palette this year? May we be vigilant so our thoughts are candles on the pathways of our hearts—lighting up the year ahead with focus and clarity. We are given another blank canvas of a Solar Year.

The light begins at the darkest most constricted, deepest point. From here, we rise, in light, like a flower. Like a blank canvas—we are given the world. May we receive the beauty, and the bounty of our incarnation here, and the creative power of our mind. May we not squander one thought—knowing it is the power that connects us to the whole—the power of our individual word.

May we speak only what we wish to create. The human emotional body is in catharsis. It is in movement and change.

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If the world demands more money, we can respond with money magic to remain on the "crest of the wave," and not under it. Mercury hits 21 degrees of Capricorn again on February 3rd--a time when we can realize we've come out of the Mercury Retrograde rabbit hole that began on December 26th, or earlier, if we are sensitive, we feel it early.

Health Industry Relapse The Health insurance industry has its roots in a kind of Capricornian hierarchical medical model that is a "profit-making" model at its core. This is one example of an old outmoded system.

As mercury retrogrades over the next three weeks, we can re-examine this health care bill to see what it is really made of. Its good to be paying attention for this capricornian review on all levels.

All the activity in Capricorn shows the cosmic economy is changing courses!! If the cosmic economy tides shift, we too need to altar our "economic sails. When Capricorn has become worn out and over-buereaucratic, the archetype of Aquarius comes along just in time to throw enough chaos into a worn out system, to wake everyone up. With Jupiter, Neptune nand Chiron in Aquarius still, and Uranus mutually receiving this Aquarian river from Pisces, a river of Aquarian wake-up-chaos is available for our surfing and creative ingenius pleasure. Eclipses, like the influence of planet Uranus, can have a chaos affect and can sweep through with waves of change.

The eclipses in Capricorn are a powerful wave of drastic change There are a few keys to surfing the crest of these waves of change, rather than feeling pummeled by them, or feeling overtaken by their currents.

We need to "get with" this feeling of change! We can be fueled by the rapid change as it asks us to give up everything that causes a problem, either for us personally, or collectively, and jump into the waves of inspired change that call us forward.