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They can be stubborn but others respect them for focus and willpower. Taurus is the most stable and patient of all the fixed signs, but it can be seen as stubborn as well. Scorpios tend to internalise their emotions, but have much resolve when pursing things they want. Aquarius usually march to the beat of their own drummer, but because they are a fixed sign, many astrologers agree that they can be inflexible in their ways.

The mutable signs are great communicators and very adaptable. Mutable signs are people oriented and are often the ones trying to smooth things over between cardinal and fixed signs. But, mutable signs can be flighty — once something loses their interest, they are ready to move on to something else. If you want someone who pays meticulous detail to something, get a Virgo.

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They are great workers and can adapt well to most positions. Sagittarius are the story tellers and philosophers of the zodiac. They say exactly what they think, but people forgive them quickly. Pisces are the dreamers, the other worldly sign.

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The qualities cardinal, fixed, and mutable help give astrologers an additional tool to interpret horoscopes. Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable Signs. Next Page. You might also like The New Zodiac. Personality Traits of a Capricorn. Personality Traits of a Scorpio. Personality Traits of a Virgo.

Personality Traits of a Pisces. I am a scorpio female interested in an Aquarius man.. I cant control him nor his reactions is teaching me to let it go.. Confused as ever Princess - Oct AM. As a Libran you're often indecisive and like to maintain a harmonious environment. If you genuinely believe that your partner is not revealing all of her past or plans for the future to you, then you are going to have to confront it we know you really hate the idea of this.

It may even lead to an ultimatum but at least you will know longer be living with the insecurity that is making you so unhappy.

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If you identify as female now, but were raised as male then you may have struggled with how you expressed your feminine energy. If you identify as male now, but were raised as female your struggles may have been with masculine energy. I do find that people who transition or are gender fluid usually have influences of Neptune, Pisces, or the twelfth house as indicators.

Neptune tends to blur boundaries and creates a fog, so that people see what they want to see, not what is truly there. Want to dive in deeper on your masculine and feminine energy and how to best express BOTH in your life? I am a Pisces rising with Neptune on the mid heaven. I found this article very interesting, because although I was born a man, I do not relate well to masculinity, and traditional masculine values.

I prefer to wear unisex clothing. I do not feel comfortable if I have to wear a suit and tie. I work in a job wear I do not have to wear gendered clothing. I do not like body hair or facial hair. I would describe myself as non cys-gender. Like Liked by 1 person. This article is phenomenal and the only one that goes into detail about The Sun and masculinity.

Gender is very much a social construct, but that social construct affects everything we do. Like Liked by 2 people. I have a male friend with sun in taurus moon in virgo and acsendant in cancer. He refuses to listen to reason, is in the company of self destructive people and is prone to self destructive habits.

I ve just helped him quit smoking but i do not trust him on his own. How to interpret his astrological signs in terms of feminine and masculine? I mean whr can i find more information?

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Like Like. He has a lot of feminine energy for sure! Unfortunately though, this is something he will have to do on his own and not something you can make him do. Once you know that, you can do something about it and try to find a relief, but of course, this is something he will have to be open to. Good luck! I am very feminine physically and love girly things, but I am like a man in many ways mentally.

My thought process is very masculine, I am in school for Chemical Engineering and find that if other girls are in the courses that I am taking, they too have masculine dominant signs. This article makes a lot of sense! Thank you very much for sharing your information, it definitely has helped! I am a Gemini, a positive masculine and my hub is a Pisces, negative feminine! We have a hard time being at peace!

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This explains a lot! We plan on sticking it out but had I known this years ago …I would have made a quick U-turn! How can we make happiness and lasting peace? Through God is the only answer! It has nothing to do with genders as we know them today. Feminine just means more introverted energy. Masculine is more extroverted energy. You get a lot done, but that comes from your -internal- strength which comes from the feminine signs. Thank you btw. What it is asking is: is your energy more reflective and internal ie thinking to yourself, keeping to yourself, before talking with others or is it more expressive and outward talking or competing with others, and then reflecting inward.

They don't like to express their feelings or be vulnerable but they contain an inner self-confidence that doesn't rely on others. Both signs are very honest but can tend to be unreliable because they don't do well with routine and schedules. They like to continually expand their mind and world view, usually through travel. Both signs tend to have very traditional values especially when it comes to family and children. Cancers stand for uninhibited emotions and are maternal figures mother-like of the zodiac whereas Capricorns represent suppressed are the paternal figures of the zodiac father-like.

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Both signs have big egos and care deeply about what others think of them, though they hide this behind false self-confidence. Leo, through their pride self-admiration and Aquarius, through their independence and originality. Both signs are wise and sensitive, which means they're easily hurt but fortunately, they're very resilient..

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Virgos are more grounded and use logic while Pisces use empathy and intuition to guide them. Hope you enjoyed. If you're picking up what I'm putting down, you can check out my other articles and my Astrology collection here:. Leo Libra Sagittarius aquarius aries aries and libra article astrology astrology explained cancer cancer and capricorn capricorn cardinal congenial signs fixed gemini gemini and sagittarius leo and aquarius mutable pisces scorpio sister signs taurus taurus and scorpio virgo virgo and pisces zodiac signs.