Aquarius daily horoscope for march 29 2020

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Take regular health check, notice mental health, more outdoor activities. I was born on September 3, Will be any better?

March Horoscope 2020 Overview

Based on the prediction, you will have some good luck in your career in You should keep the modest attitude towards people around and learn more things. Then you would also have chances to meet your lucky stars who can provide some necessary help. Will be a good year for me in career and also wealth?

I'm doing my level best to get a permanent job in Currently just doing freelance for a company. Which means on and off job. What should I do for better permanent work opportunity and to increase my luck in overall abundance, career, wealth? Born on 24 August Hi, the good news is that you would have a high possibility to obtain a stable work in Instead, you need to try and lead a healthy lifestyle and get the necessary treatment s asked by your doctor in order to keep your health in check as per the Aquarius Horoscope.

You may also start new research work this year which will become a new source of a new set of achievements in your life.

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You will make a new and beneficial connection with foreign companies and will also get new work or business opportunities for them as stated by the Aquarius Career Horoscope. As Saturn is in retrogression, the completion of a project will require a lot of effort, struggle, and hard work for you. As Mars and Saturn are transiting from 22 nd March to 4 th May , it will a tough time from the career point of view for the Aquarius moon sign according to the Aquarius Career Horoscope. You will experience slow growth in your career. You will face hurdles and obstacles at the workplace that might further hinder your career growth and success.

You will attain power and authority at your workplace. There are strong possibilities of you getting promoted during this period of time that will further boost your career growth. As predicted by the Aquarius Career Horoscope , try and avoid striking any new business deal or a new project at work from 10 th September to 14 th November. It is because the Lord of Career, Mars is in retrograde motion during this period of time.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

You will share a cordial relation with your colleagues but avoid sharing any personal details with them at all and also avoid any dispute with them either especially during the mid of the year according to the Aquarius Career Horoscope. Chances of getting a new job and growth with the help of one of your friends are on the cards for you. It is imperative that you stay humble and keep working hard in order to get the deserved growth and success in the job.

As per the Aquarius Career Horoscope, extensive traveling and a job change do not sound like a good idea for you from 23 rd September since Ketu will transit in Scorpio sign from your career house is not good news. The financial life will remain smooth for the Aquarius in and you will not spend unnecessarily this year due to the influence of Saturn as predicted by Aquarius Finance Horoscope.

But that does not mean that you become carefree on the expenses part and have a little careful about your expenses and also about your ATM card. There are chances that you may have to spend money on old times from 14 th May to13th September since the Lord of wealth Jupiter is moving in retrogression according to the Aquarius Finance Horoscope.

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Venus is known as the karaka of wealth and hence it will attract wealth during this period of time for you. Jupiter is the Eleventh House House of Income lord and will be transiting into the respective house till 20 th November for the Aquarius Moon Sign. This will be a good time period for your financial growth.

You will get a hike in your income and will also find new sources of income. Therefore, you will experience an increase in your expenditure. High expenses will be incurred in various aspects of life. You will face difficulties in money-matters. New sources of income will open up from you from all the directions which will bring you financial satisfaction this year. Easy implementation.

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Aquarius 2020 Horoscope

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