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Keep in mind that Cancers are delayed reactors — they will respond to incidents that took place days or even weeks earlier.

This could be the source of your confusion, Pisces. Getting a Cancer to talk when he or she is out of sorts will help dissolve the problem. Both signs are excellent listeners, shoulders to cry on, and sounding boards for advice. This strengthens the bond between you two enormously.

Sexually, you both intuitively know what the other one needs and wants at a given moment — you each know what the other is feeling. Because of this intuitive link, Pisces and Cancer raise lovemaking to a truly high art.


You both are water signs, and water cleanses, refreshes, purifies, and stirs the emotions. This match can produce the kind of love great literature is written about.

Continue Reading. Try Another Match I am a Cancers trust their lovers above anyone else, which is why you have the ability to hurt them deeply. Realize that because you are a fire sign and Cancer is a water sign, Cancer has the ability to destroy the relationship if he or she feels threatened.

The Cancer Man: June 21 – July 22

Water puts out fire. Cancers are not weak and helpless, although you may think they are. Believe me, they are not. Another pattern of Cancer you may find troubling is their knack of going into things indirectly, in a sideways motion, like when confronting an issue. This is a sign Cancer has lost his or her confidence; only the brave face things head-on.

In this case, cut your lover some slack and be grateful that he or she had the courage to raise the issue at all.

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When you are alone with your Cancer, in the darkened bedroom, you will discover the thrilling lover you have found. No, this is emotion communicated with a free spirit.

General Characteristic

If you baby your lover, your lover will baby you back, taming the roaring Lion into a frisky kitten. Cancers are so used to taking care of the world and everyone in it, that to be taken care of in return is beyond their wildest expectations.

Treasure your Cancer, and hold on to them. Continue Reading. Try Another Match I am a My match is New Articles from Susan. More from Astrology Zone.

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The Cancer Woman: June 21 – July 22

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