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Brady's Book of Fixed Stars makes a very useful and readable addition to any astrologer's library. Conjunctions of fixed stars with planets including lunar nodes in the natal chart are very significant, especially if rising, setting or culminating, and when stimulated by transits.

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Movement of Stellar Positions due to Precession It's now been more than ten years since I first drew up this page. Consequently, several stars in the final degree of their tropical signs have now moved, or are moving, into the subsequent sign. Examples are Scheat, which although still technically in Pisces, entered Aries by a tight orb of influence in mid; Pleiades, already in Gemini; Menkalinan, already in Cancer; Regulus, already in Virgo.

You can calculate the movements by adding approximately 50 arc-seconds of a degree per year to the position of the star as listed. The table up to epoch is now complete with some new additions, though there are some minor named stars that I have not as yet included. You can see the old version here.

The strength and efficacy of the Fixed Stars is to be considered from their magnitude, their splendours, their natures or properties, their nearness to the Ecliptic, their place in the World, their multitude, their first oriental appearance, the purity of their place, the similitude or agreement of the body or rays of a Planet with them and their circle of position. This has been a very notable and ongoing event, as Jupiter and Uranus did so at almost the same time.

Its effect will be prolonged until February , when Uranus finally leaves the conjunction.


Tail of Cetus the Whale. Head of Andromeda.

Belly of Cetus the Whale. In cord near Tail of Northern Fish.

Poorly placed: failures, fiascos, enmity, melancholy, suicide. An eclipsing binary, its dramatic variability can range from invisible to peak at Mg 2. More on Caput Algol. Trouble with Mars B7 blue-white Mg. Adroit mind, public service, magistrate, judge. Cowardice, early death, possibly suicide. A deceptive exterior. Violent storms, esp.

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Good fortune, depending on associated planets. A double star, the westernmost star in Orion's belt, the first to rise. B0 white Mg. A triple star, the easternmost in Orion's belt. Venus A2 bright yellow Mg.

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Craft, ingenuity, valour. A binary star in Draco, the Dragon. Sirius was worshipped in many cultures; its heliacal rising signalled the peak of summer, the annual flooding of the Nile and the beginning of the ancient Egyptian calendar.

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More on Sirius. A small asterism on the back of the Crab. The soul gate souls entering earthly incarnation. Fortunate in business, though liable to loss and disgrace. The Manger, or Crib, flanked by the two Asses of the Nativity. The Great Bear is mainly martial in action, considered unfortunate for nations and kings.

Sudden death by poison or drowning. Nobility, ambition, alertness, great power, status, leadership, sudden downfall, accidents, violence. Said by some to be the most benefic star in the universe. As the Saturn K3 orange Mg. The Great Bear gives a quiet, prudent, suspicious, mistrustful, self- controlled, patient nature, but an uneasy spirit; great anger when roused. The Saturn G0 yellow Mg. Dramatic ability. Charm, intrigue, scandal. Feminine, submissive, childbirth. An atonement offering. Amazing variability of brightness, thought to be a supernova in brighter than Sirius , yet vanished in to reappear in More on Foramen.

This degree does not precess.

Cancer - Starry Sky

A double star, with other weaker companions, in the middle of the Bow of the Archer. Hidden pitfalls, yet can take us to great heights of music, as Sheliak is the strings of the Lyre. Orpheus, to whom Apollo gave the Lyre, was torn to pieces for misusing the power of music. F8 yellowish Mg. Occult Mercury G1 pale yellow Mg. Talents develop late. Essence of intellect; independent thought; break with conventional thought or philosophy NOTE: Scheat's orb of influence crosses into the 1st degree of Aries in mid This will be a very notable event, as Jupiter and Uranus do so at almost the same time.

There is some doubt however as to the accuracy of this as Allen notes: "Our modern Weather Bureau would probably tell us that if one of these stars were thus concealed, the other also would be. But Delta Cancri also acts as more than just a dubious weather guide: it is a reliable signpost for finding the vividly red star X Cancri as Patrick Moore notes in his guidebook Stars of the Southern Skies :.

It is a semi-regular variable; at maximum it rises to magnitude 5 and it never falls below 7. It looks rather like a tiny glowing coal. Delta Cancri also marks the radiant of the Delta Cancrids meteor shower. In , the possibility of Delta Cancri having a companion star was proposed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Earle September , "Abundances in the Local Region. March , "Vertical distribution of Galactic disk stars. Retrieved 16 December Retrieved Retrieved February 3, Archived from the original on The Observatory.

Bibcode : Obs Cancer constellation.