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Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of: a sudden dream or revelation that will indicate what is happening in your sentimental environment and that you should not overlook. Dangerous trend today on Monday in your Pisces sign: doubt when you have all the evidence in front of you. What should I avoid? Pisces Love Compatibility Today 18th March The best relationship today: this Monday things will go very well for you if your partner is a water sign like Cancer or Pisces.

The most tense relationship: tends to be with Leo. Your current compatibility: very good with signs of your element water and earth, regular with Leo and Sagittarius, complicated with Aries.

Born On The 18th? (Numerology Of 18)

If you are single: you are about to end an embarrassing situation that is not driving you anywhere. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Weekly Horoscope March 18-March 24: Know your this week's astrological prediction

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Log into your account. Aries, at first, you may be in a bit of a shock that the lull you have been experiencing over the past month on a few levels is finally starting to wane and you're getting more in touch with your inner self. That's a good thing but there is also some awareness going on in your life, and it looks as though it will happen with you in the area of finances.

Are you noticing that your spending habits need to either tone down or be reallocated? This week, pay attention to the patterns you follow when it comes to how you spend your money and what you find worth investing in. It's one thing to be into your beauty regime. That's an investment of self, no problemo.

But maybe, just maybe you're motivations are beginning to change directions. You may be more interested in how you are viewed career wise. That could mean it's time to update your wardrobe, invest in some new shoes and splurge on items that really bring your appearance into the same energy that the rest of you is feeling inside.

Taurus, there's a lot going on and you know sense it.

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  5. It's not the time to be impulsive but it's also not the time to chill and settle yourself down for too long. This week, you may want to consider what type of new environment you need to experience in order to have some fun. Get into your own head for a bit to really understand what you need at this time.

    Your Horoscope for the Week of March 18 — March Horoscopes

    In order for you focus on the relationships that matter, taking a little time for yourself is a no-brainer. It doesn't even have to be a big trip, maybe swing by your local bookstore and get lost in the new age section or look at art at a gallery. Fill your heart and do what you can to help you to find that sense of self, so when others ask things of you, you have your love cup filled to the brim and it will feel natural to be there.

    Gemini,when your reputation comes to be more important for you in the upcoming week, you'll find that friendships are a place where you can feel most at home. Use your friendships to help you to see the areas in your life that you would like to change. Also, as Mars activates your 8th house, take time to run over the family finances with a fine tooth comb reviewing paperwork for finances, taxes, and consider how to use the things you've been gifted either personally or through others. Cancer, life has a way of giving us what we need and your curiosity will be required.

    Although it's important to do things the best way that you can especially in a way that you can at work and as you pursue the high goals you have right now.

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    It will be important for you to also take time out for creativity and play. You can look at the romantic side to life and there's a way to involve your partner in looking at life from the sweet side of things. Leo, this week, you may notice that blessings are coming your way but not through you but through others.

    March 18 Zodiac Sign

    It's wonderful when others are blessed and the abundance affects you as well. Don't worry that you aren't getting your turn, instead be happy for those around you. Everyone gets their turn. Focus on healthy reactions, how you handle your emotions can have a good affect on you or a bad one. Do think of things from a health standpoint as much as possible. Choose to be helpful without being a martyr, be kind without letting people overstep your personal boundaries.

    Be open minded without being overly risky. See things from both sides as you choose what's best for you. Virgo, this s a transformative time where things coming into focus particularly in your intimate relationships. This can be a time when you find that you and your loved ones have more things in common than you realized and it can open the door to ideas or new partnerships. Perhaps you are looking for ways to deepen your love life and romance is on your mind. However, you feel, opening the door to connecting more with those around you This isn't the time to stay home, but instead, go out to lunch, get in touch with those that mean a lot to you and start living life fully with others.

    It is Spring, you know? Libra, family at the core will motivate you to do things in a way that you haven't been doing before. When you focus on improving your routine, it's to spend more time with family.

    March 18 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

    When you are looking over your health, it's because you want people to worry less and you want to be there for them in the best way that you can. Your routines and your health are going to be very important areas to cultivate this week. You'll be in tip top shape by summer! Scorpio, everything has a pattern that it follows and this week, and there's nothing more wonderful than striking a balance. When the New Moon hits your 5th house, you may feel the tug of adventure.

    Spring will be a time where you'll be looking to do some home improvements or get things cleared up around the house. You could be considering what type of outdoor activities are fun for you to enjoy now that the weather will start to show improvement.

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    It's a time of spreading wings and embracing the new seasonal changes. Their nature expresses a certain duality. On one hand, they are a very active person, cunning, clever, with significant diplomatic ability, always willing to stand at the front and lead others, as well as striving for always applying logic in their life. On the other — they show significant sensitivity, nervousness, they give in to their emotions and distress, allow their environment to influence them.

    They conjoin kindness with sneakiness and cunning. Such duality of character causes imbalance of character, which is often connected with sudden outbursts of anger. They are also troubled by anxiety, worries and general confusion. Their health is quite delicate.

    They catch cold easily, and the states of mental uneasiness have a negative effect on their organism. When sick, they are impatient and irritated. They are easily worried and expect the worst outcome. What threatens them.