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So, keep your plan on hold for some more time. If your work is related to iron and steel, beauty and health spa, garments or import and export, chances are high of getting good profit this year. So, just stay consistent with the hard work and be positive. Success will surely come to your way.

Overall, the year is very challenging for you but progressive and has many good opportunities for you. In money matters, you need to be very careful during this time. Whatever you do but keep a check on your budget and avoid extra expenditure.

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Your unnecessary expenses may land you in a trouble because there is a possibility of a legal trouble. This year, as per astrology for zodiac sign the Scorpion, you are expected to work very hard in order to earn money and you may get success in it. But you are advised to be careful while lending money to others, as someone very close to you may cheat. So, be cautious especially during the month of October.

After October, things might get settled down and you may get some new sources of income. During this period, you may buy a new house or a land. Also, your life partner is expected to support you in your business and this might fetch you some huge benefits around this time. If you are engaged in foreign services, you may get a desired result during this period.

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The planetary positions indicate that you should stay away from lottery and betting, otherwise financial problems might occur. If you invest carefully and take your decisions wisely, this year will surely bring you lots of golden opportunities at economic front. Overall, this year is going to average at financial front but if you will be able to save money and and work hard you will not face financial crunches this year. This year appears good for students, especially for those interested in going abroad for further studies. Their wish might get fulfilled during this period.

Students preparing for any competitive exams are likely to get success. Students waiting for their result are expected to score good marks around this time. Forecast for indicates that time is perfect for studying banking and engineering. Some of you may get admission in the college you preferred. During this period you are expected to be surrounded by positive aura. You may feel more energetic and enthusiastic. You will put lots of effort in order to achieve success and there are possibilities that you will get exactly what you want around this time.

Astrologically speaking, chanting Gayatri Mantra will be very beneficial for you. It will improve your concentration power and help you to focus on your studies. During this time, you may get full support of your parents and teachers which will surely boost up your morale and make you more confident to do the best. Overall, this year has a lot to offer you. You will definitely taste the fruit of success because your hard work will show its colors very soon. At domestic front, this year seems favorable for you, as you may receive some good news during this period.

Your marital life is expected to be in harmony and you may spend some memorable time with your family, suggests predictions for Scorpio in During this time, you are expected to get full support of your spouse, which might be very beneficial for you both at personal and professional front. But be careful while talking to your partner. Health of your mother needs a check. So, take good care of her around this time. You may not be able to give more time to your family because of your hectic schedule. But you are likely to maintain a good balance between your personal and professional life.

Children are expected to enjoy a good life and health as well, but they might become naughty during this period. Also, issues like poor concentration might trouble them. You may go on a religious tour with your family and friends. You will be happy by the things moving in your expected direction.

Though some challenges may come to your way but the result are expected to be fruitful. During this time you will learn from your mistakes and make a new and fresh start by concentrating on new projects. Also, this year you are likely to get many opportunities to socialize and make new contacts which might be very beneficial for you. Healthwise, this year demands your extra attention. Your busy schedule and carelessness may create some serious health issues.

So, try to take a break and take care of your own health.

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Overall, you are expected to enjoy a blissful marital life during year For lovebirds, the is expected to be full of romantic surprises. You are likely to get ample opportunities to date your love partner during this period. You may go on a vacation with your partner and spend some quality time with each other. This journey of yours will surely be very good for your love life and strengthen your bond. During this period, as per your horoscope, your partner is likely to be very supportive and you both may have a very good mutual understanding. But, you are advised to be careful while speaking to your lover.

Try to be loyal with your partner and keep clarity in your relationship. Exchange of gifts are possible during this time and intimacy between you may grow by each passing day. Scorpio horoscope for love indicates that married natives may feel a pull toward extramarital affair during this time. Stay wary of such things.

On the other hand, unmarried natives may get some wonderful proposals this year. According to Scorpio Horoscope , the year is going to bring a lot of happiness and prosperity to you. You will get new op Select Another Sign. Scorpio Horoscope. I am : Man Woman. This is not a very favorable alliance as far as sign compatibility is concerned.

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There will be differences in their opinions This is one of the best combinations as far as sign compatibility is concerned. There will be a very good understanding betw This is not a very good coalition as far as Gunas are concerned. Both will be having bad temperaments and they get into argum This is not a good combination as far as sign compatibility is concerned. They may develop liking for each other after marri This is an excellent combination in accordance with sign compatibility.

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The natives will stimulate each other's interests. This is a very high-quality partnership as far as Vrishchika Gunas are concerned. They will have an emotional harmony and un At times, the natives may have some issues in adjusting with each other and therefore, they may be less affable toward one a This combination indicates a sensitive, psychic and emotional understanding between the natives.

The boy would be able to so Scorpio Man - Sagittarius Woman.

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It enables you to make right decisions and prepare for the worst. As defined, monthly horoscope is a detailed version of weekly horoscope and highlights numerous planetary movements, transits and positions over a course of month when predicting for a specific zodiac sign. Natives are provided with the information about what aspects might prove to be auspicious or inauspicious for them throughout this month, things they should look forward to, activities to refrain from and spiritual undertakings.

Our team of skilled astrologers follow a specific set of rules and guidelines to ensure the accuracy of predictions.

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These predictions give a sense of power to the native and help him to remain calm, composed and prepared during the time of turbulence. It allows the native to kick-start the month in a planned manner and stay away from negativity.