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Cancer monthly horoscope - October 12222

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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

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They also take tremendous pride in their friends and family. If someone even hints at criticizing friends or family members, you can believe that Leo will be there to defend them! Every couple has their strengths and challenges. See how the compatibility horoscope works out for Cancer and Leo. A Cancer man brings a lot of emotional closeness, and a Leo woman brings physicality and passion to their oneness.

At its best, theirs can be a sexual relationship that's romantic, emotionally passionate, creative, and imaginative. The Cancer man is extremely sensual. He aims to please, and nothing turns him on more than the fact that his Leo partner is turned on. He'll nurture, pamper, and shower her with affection and adoration. Plus, he'll be fully accommodating to a Leo woman's natural desire to take her rightful place on top.

2020 Cancer Horoscope

A Leo woman is passionate, a great romantic, and loves sex. She takes making love very seriously and considers the physical act of love an essential part of her love life. At times she can be very pampering, at other times fun and playful, but she can also believe that their lovemaking is all about her and become selfish and demanding.

A man as openly giving, emotional and submissive in bed as a Cancer can do everything a Leo woman demands and ask for nothing in return.

Interesting Facts About Cancerians - Horoscope - Samiah Khan's Lounge

Eventually, this is bound to make him feel neglected and resentful. But if a Leo woman is prepared to appreciate the emotional depth of a Cancer man's sexuality, and become as sensitive and giving as he, theirs can be a sexual relationship that's beyond their wildest dreams. There's always a chance that things can work out between Cancer and Leo. Even when two sun signs like these are not an obvious pairing, there may still be enough compatibility in other areas of their charts to help them make it through the rough patches.

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