Fire rabbit horoscope

Work, Money, and Social Life for Chinese Zodiac Rabbit

The excessive suspicion will be fatal to your love relationship. As for daily life, the inauspicious star 'Mo Yue' means the difficulty in adapting to environment, especially in a strange place, which will make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, you'd better choose an auspicious date for moving, travel, business trip and other environment changes to counter the negative effects.

Additionally, being compatible with Tai Sui and supported by the auspicious stars will make you take less detours, know how to make money and accumulate wealth. If you are fond of gambling, you'd better keep away from high play to avoid failure.

In the year compatible with Tai Sui, you may meet professional, well-known and authoritative people, with whom you will cooperate in real sense to earn more profits. But keep an eye on the contract details to avoid any interest dispute. For males, you'd better wear a Tiger's Eye Sanhe bracelet. Do not ignore the details at work because you may make mistakes in a hurry under the adverse impact of inauspicious stars. Being compatible with Tai Sui means many good opportunities for cooperation, and you should keep an eye on those under the animal signs of Pig and Sheep who can bring you opportunities for career.

Fire Rabbit Personality Horoscope

Affected by 'Wu Gui', you will have a complex relationship in workplace and be envied by others - just do your job well and keep a low profile to dissolve the bad luck. For married Rabbits, being compatible with Tai Sui will promote your relationship and make you get along well with your partner; if you are well-off, you may travel together with your partner to enjoy the good life but keep an eye on the alienation caused by 'Wu Gui'. Blessed by 'San Tai', you Rabbits in a relationship are supposed to have better luck but 'Mo Yue' will create a distance between you and your lover. The long-distance relationship will make you estranged from each other but it will be fine if you can visit each other frequently.

Chinese Astrology: Fire Rabbit

To improve your relationship this year, you are suggested to wear a silver necklace with rose quartz rabbit sign or a pink crystal bracelet with Rabbit sign. With perfect understanding of their partners, they frequently have the advantage, and in the practice of human relations, they are unrivaled in what requires subtle negotiations.

Lucky Signs for 1987 Fire Rabbit

They will undertake nothing before they have weighed the pros and cons and examined the deal from every angle. Because of this, people admire the Rabbit and take him into their confidence. He shines in trade, especially in some offbeat aspect of it like antiques, which permits him to capitalize on his good taste.

Politics, diplomacy and the law all offer the Rabbit equally good opportunities -- provided always that he can live the tranquil life he craves within their orbit.

Style as well as an eye for beauty are especially associated with this group whose members possess refined tastes together with artistic skills. Highly creative people, art is of particular interest to them. Because of the Rabbit's built-in acquisitive nature, many become great collectors, filling their houses with beautiful paintings and objets d'art. His affairs are going so well that there is no cause for sadness. But if there are serious difficulties, the Fire Rabbit can show itself not on the best side. He immediately becomes quick-tempered, and impatient, loved ones should remember this peculiarity of his character.

Women are crazy about this man, he makes the most pleasant impression. Especially with a close acquaintance Fire Rabbit turns out to be a passionate and temperamental partner. He cares nicely, with knowledge.

He prefers to spend time on people, likes to visit recreational activities. He can not be called a homebody, the chosen one should share his passions, otherwise the novel will not last too long.

Speaking Chinese

Having married, not immediately settle down, after all the Fire Rabbit man is prominent, is very popular. It may well be tempted to have an affair. However, this caring husband, his relatives will live in comfort and prosperity. A beautiful, spectacular woman holds fairly confidently in any circumstances. Loves to laugh, loves to communicate with a variety of people.

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And quite accurately notices what can be useful to every new friend. At work, she is simply idolized, the Fire Rabbit woman is a born diplomat, has a rare talent for settling the most difficult conflicts. Acts gently and tactfully, but necessarily achieves the conceived.

Chinese Zodiac, Fire Rabbit: Horoscope, Personality Traits

She knows how to achieve success without spoiling relations with either the authorities or subordinates. True, with a prolonged period of failure, one can lose faith in oneself. In a romantic relationship, the Fire Rabbit is a patient, faithful woman. She tries to surround the partner with care and attention, but does not forget about her own interests. It is ambitious enough, therefore at once it denotes its position: it can be arranged only as a leader.

Prefers to act gently, given the opinion of a partner, it can not be accused of selfishness.