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The way the Sun shines, in terms of personalized horoscopes, depends on the sign in which it sits. The brightest of stars represents our Ego, our conscious self, our will and dignity. The Sun is also associated with everything you are meant to be, with your efforts and the fulfillment of your potentials. If there are negative aspects related to Sun, the energy it naturally gives you gets blocked and poorly channeled. This is the reason why some people constantly struggle with finding balance in life, with finding source of energy and security.

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The Sun represents the source of our strength, indeed. Depending on its position in a zodiac sign and in an astrological house, some people find the greatest source of motivation and encouragement in their family, others find it in their hobbies or in career, some find it in art, in socializing, in romantic love. It represents our purpose and our intentions, things we are inclined to.

The Sun is our creativity, the manner of expression and behavior, the source of our will. The manifestation, again, depends on the sign and the house the Sun dwells in. The Sun gives life and creates, while the Moon feels and searches for safety. The balance between the Sun and the Moon is often simplified as the balance between the reason and emotions. We have said that channels and ways our essential energy is going to manifest greatly depends on the zodiac sign the Sun occupies in a natal chart. That is the sign we were born under, our native sign.

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Let us talk today about the Sun in Capricorn. We will talk about the Sun in Capricorn energy on a bigger plan and in an individual horoscope. The Sun in Capricorn shines over mountaintops. A lot of energy and effort is needed for one to climb all the way up and feel the warmth of winter sunrays. Only until one reaches the top, he or she realizes how persistent, strong and determined they are.

Sun in Capricorn – General Info

With the Sun in Capricorn, creative energy is released and developed only during an effort. The Sun in Capricorn motivates one to work only on things and ideas that could last for long, not to say forever. Sun Capricorns built up their own pyramids, massive and silent temples and all the things that could resist the effect of time. The Sun in Capricorn has a bright glow, but it waits at the end of a tunnel. There is no way one could reach it easily.

Capricorn natives value precision, accuracy, responsibility and maturity over emotions. They could be cold, distant and very strict people. They are logical and pragmatic, extremely rational individuals. The Sun in Capricorn is associated with maturity, golden and wise old age, seriousness and strictness. Capricorns rise great when it is necessary; they lead when no one else would lead.

They are brave, in a specific, Capricorn-like icy manner. For Sun Capricorns, there is no reward without effort, there is no victory without struggle, no pain no gain. They rarely surrender to dreams, fantasies and imagination in general.

Capricorn is one of cardinal signs, so its energy is directed towards strategic goals and results. They are very analytical and thoughtful. Capricorns like to be recognized for their achievements, more respected than loved by others.

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  4. They have strong tendency towards control, especially their own feelings. They are extremely self-disciplined.

    Capricorn Sign Traits Overview

    The Sun in Capricorn forces one to find their place in the world, a spot that he or she would bind to. These people are not extremely adventurous or experimenting. They enjoy duty, order and routine. Capricorn symbolizes respect for order and authority.

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    People with the Sun in Capricorn value tradition and hierarchy. Material stability is very important to them, but also institutions such as family. They rarely have many partners throughout lifetime and they are likely to settle down with one and stay forever together, even if things get bad. They make relationship with people with caution. They believe there are not many chances in life for this or that, so they carefully plan things and wait for good opportunities. They like doing things by the book, in general.

    The Sun in Capricorn

    Count on them to initiate a winning idea or plan. Busy busy! You can find Capricorns enjoying quality time with family, working obsessively on a large-scale project, or running for a prestigious role. Capricorn people like to mix business with pleasure. They often develop tight bonds with people they meet on the job or through a team project. Capricorns were born with their eyes on the prize. Often they become so focused on reaching the finish line that they fail to pay attention to the journey, looking neither to the right nor the left.

    Capricorns need to learn flexibility and to listen a little more to their heart than their heads at times if they want to feel fulfilled inside and out. Ambitious as they may be, not all Capricorns have relentless drive.

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    6. Capricorns need to remember that they do need allies along the way, ambitious or otherwise. With any kind of luck make that considerable work , Caps will find themselves on that top step, but they should also remember those who have helped them on their quest.

      Sun in Capricorn

      Typical Capricorn traits include being traditional but not quite the button-down stiffs some would suggest and somewhat inhibited, prompting others to wonder if they can ever enjoy success and its rarefied air. Rest assured, these folks will be smiling inside. While Caps can occasionally get a bit materialistic and greedy they just want a reward for all their hard work , they are far too dignified and practical to get carried away.

      Plus, they love tradition and reserve, and want to appear polite and friendly. Are you a Capricorn man or a Capricorn woman? A Capricorn at rest yes, there is such a thing enjoys leisurely sports, like golf and croquet — so long as they have a chance to win! Playing with a crew is also nice, since it brings to mind their beloved workplace. Team colors for a Capricorn are likely to be earthy brown and khaki, much like the classic, relaxed slacks they like to wear. When it comes to love, Capricorns are ever devoted and never emotive.