Agena fixed star astrology

Pollux is an orange K0 spectrum septuple variable star, first order of magnitude, Did Cain catch Abel rolling loaded dice? These two nearby star systems symbolize an ancient conflict. Questions of rivalry in the areas of life associated with this house.

Fixed Stars in Astrology

Martial books or documents. A young fighter. One of the groups of stars said to have had contact with humanity. Gives industry and strong social consciousness in the affairs of the affected house or planet. Communal individuals. Social occupations. Gives stubbornness, wariness and circumspection in the affairs of the affected house or planet. Drivers, auto, truck or livestock handlers.

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Gives rebellious stubbornness and circumspection in the affairs of the affected house or planet. Silently the serpent slides, eyes and heart upon its prey. The object or person associated with this house is possibly vindictive or devious. They may wish to examine their motives in matters. There is potential to be hurt by them if one is not careful.

A coiled serpent. Difficulties in the areas of life associated with this house. Researchers, detectives, martial artists. A star system said to have had contact with humanity. Saturn conjunct Agena: Thoughtful, shrewd, association with medical men, healing powers, abrupt manner, occultism, domestic disharmony through jealousy. Uranus conjunct Agena: Sarcasm, public work but eventual disfavor of superiors, caustic speaker and writer, violent, coarse, unrefined, strong passions, domestic disharmony, loss of expected wealth, peculiar death.

There is a restriction in the energy flow at this point causing the bottom part of the adrenal glands to become stagnant at times. This decreases the energy of the native, and it could show up as an epileptic type of disorder. A lack of adrenalin can cause the body to go into convulsions, so these individuals need extra adrenal stimulation. This can be done by rubbing the body just below the rib cage. The hands and feet have a connection to every spot in the body. The blood flow to the adrenal glands is the cause of the problem, and anything that generates energy to that area would be helpful.

Neptune conjunct Agena: Sharp, rash, headstrong, original, organizer, poor executive ability, loss through law and speculation, obstacles to success, many false friends and enemies, liable to accidents, death by colds or fevers. Lanterman, , p. Robson, , p. The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, , p. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession. Thanks, Jamie. As with most fixed stars conjunct Pluto, I would go with the general description.

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  4. Hopefully over time some will add comments of what they think the missing descriptions could mean. Check out this list of asteroids Essam. Every time, these stars are spot on! The chart has to be looked at as a whole. I need to look at which is the strongest star in my chart.

    Keiko Agena: Astrological Article and Chart

    Have you decided on one, or two even? The star Acumen seems to have a very negative and dark description. Both the Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus stars indicate blindness. Well I have really good eyesight and can even see quite well in the dark.

    by Zane B Stein

    I chose in life to be a positive and spiritual person and turn my head away from the dark side of life. You only reply to people to keep this website going and collect information on the aspects. I try my best to be positive and work on my soul growth in life. The harmonious stars and aspects in my chart define me as I chose to be positive and chose good over evil. Very low. The universe will respond appropriately to that behaviour.

    Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

    I have found that positive aspects, stars and transits take care of themselves. A great example of how the Sky factors significantly enhance and clarify Chart factors sign, house, aspects is to first recall the. Was the planet visible or invisible? Was it getting closer to or further from the Earth?

    Was it moving toward or away from the ecliptic by latitude? Thought processes and opinions are exceptionally subjective now, often leading to more myopic, reactive or impatient decision-making, or a much-needed single-pointed focus. On July 6, Mercury conjuncts the Sun at 15 Cancer tropical. At superior conjunction, Mercury is on the other side of the Sun, at his maximum.

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    We can easily come to believe we are lost or have been abandoned by prior advocates. The key is not to believe our first instincts here around worldly affairs.

    Wait until Mercury re-appears, as an Evening Star July Sept 4, to assess what and with whom you continue the journey from this point. Mercury then reaches closest to Earth Mercury perigee on Sept We get to see what is still here inside us. She ReBirths herself now with a new purpose; Evening Star planets operate from more collective awareness than do Morning Star planets. Our Martian goals should be governed now by how to proceed in the most direct and clear way. It is as if Mars chose this spot to turn around and resume forward movement. July 10 is the waning Sun sextile, as Jupiter continues to inhabit the stars of the Lion constellation at 18 Virgo.

    Thus, the experience or wisdom to be shared is something that is taking a few tries to get right, to come out appropriately, or in a manner that assures success. August 13 is the exact station at 9 Sagittarius, in the constellations of the Scorpion and Serpent Bearer. This is a chthonic Saturn, unearthing or re-entrenching societal norms, and it is a Saturn who holds a particularly strong influence over Earth matters now due to his extreme closeness to the Earth.

    Financial markets have never been more inter-connected across national borders, revealing ever more clearly the manipulation of currencies around the developed and developing world. Images by Adam Gainsburg. Compiled by no less an august body than the Organization for. Professional Astrology in the US, it fizzes with the kind of go-getting positivity not always overly abundant in Britannia. Yes, you too have the capability to succeed as a business class astro pro — and how can you doubt this message given the tribe of stellar contributors on show? It tends to confirm what could have been guessed.

    A lack of professional status may explain why astro males are thin on the ground. So what? Now it is potentially global, thanks to the internet.